Cricket for kids in Wray Crescent (it's free!)

Posting on behalf of a neighbour:

So there's a Middlesex Cricket Coach called Raj trying to set up a cricket project after school every Wednesday in our beloved Wray Crescent. This is an official thing paid for by Middlesex Cricket and the ECB. The end goal is to get Islington Cricket club up and running again.
It's for girls and boys of all ages and abilities and all kit is provided. Bless him, he's turned up for the past two weeks and there have only been three kids there. Apparently he's leafletted the local schools, but it's not taking off yet. Please bring your kids along and let's make this work. 4-6 every Wednesday. It's FREE. The sun is shining. Turn off the XBOX and please bring/send your kids along!


  • I'd love to take my 6-year-old daughter down, but I suspect the reason there are only three kids there is linked to why I can't.

    The timing. At 4 to 6pm on a Wednesday, I'm at work and so is her mum. She is at after school club.

    There's no way I could get her there. Maybe Raj should contact the after school clubs like the one at the Laundry, they could take kids down.

    Or if it was at a weekend. I'd definitely take her.
  • my son who's only nearly 4 joined in with this yesterday and enjoyed it. What a great fun way to get children to find out about a sport and join in. Good for the community too.
  • Don't suppose this is still happening?
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    Sounds good. May check it out this week ...
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