Blue Tit

I really liked Blue Tit, the new hairdresser that has opened on Crouch Hill. I had a blow dry before I went to a party a few weeks and was really pleased with it. I also thought the owner Danny was very nice. It's quite minimalist and Shoreditch/Dalston in style. He used to work in the Clapton branch of Blue Tit. I would really recommend it and will definitely go back.


  • Massively expensive though. I strongly recommend Em's Hairdresser at the top end of SGR opposite Sainsbury's. He's a good lad and very talented. He's local, used to work with Vitor, and very reasonably priced.
  • Shout out from me too for Em. And I hate having my hair cut.
  • Had an amazing experience with Blue Tit Crouch Hill, It maybe expensive than the other surrounding hairdressers, but the standard of service, drinks offered, their knowledge and their head massages beat anywhere I have been before. Very happy we FINALLY have a good hairdressers in Stroud Green.
  • Has anyone else ever met the hairdresser with the massive Dalmatian?!

    I met him randomly in the Dairy and had a beer with him, really nice guy, bonkers as a box of frogs.
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  • Emm also offers beer, and doesn't spam the forum.
  • Em’s “reasonably priced”? I think not! Em wants £13 for a child’s haircut; Vitor charges £8.

    There’s a reason why Vitor’s is practically appointment only and Em spends most of his days reading the paper.
  • I used Vitor until recently. It's about the same price for adults is it not? And if have thought it was understandable that he was a bit quiet as he's only just building a customer base.
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