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helping local businesses - a really easy way

some friends have quickly built this site - it means local businesses can in essence sell gift vouchers for their business that can then be redeemed at some point in the future - helps cash flow now is the most important thing. doesn't cost the local business anything to sign up but they need to put their details in - so share with any you're popping into


  • Smart thinking.

    OakN4 now do deliveries!
  • Would be good get a list up here of local restaurants that are doing deliveries

    Here's what Top Cuvee are doing, up off Blackstock Road


    The exciting bit:
    We’re launching Top Shòp - we’ll be here selling wine and store cupboard essentials at outrageous prices, soon we’ll be making pasta for you to collect and cook at home alongside our world famous soda bread and much much more. We’ve got bike couriers on stand by so can deliver things within the hour but also can send non-perishable goods UK wide in 3-5 days.

    Rather than switch simply to a delivery service we’re trying to think creatively to provide you guys at home with options that are really worthwhile, will satisfy your gastronomic cravings and hopefully bring you some joy. Suggestions are welcome, let us know what you want and we’ll add it to the shop.

    We’re also teaming up with some of the best restaurants and suppliers in London so keep your eyes peeled for some #colabz.

    More products/services coming in the following days.

    (first 20 orders get 15% off with the code COVID15)

    Yesterday was super busy and we've got delivery down to a fine art (within 5 miles less than 1 hour) so stock up on booze today before the lockdown kicks in!
    The sad bit:
    We’ll stop trading as a restaurant for a while but will remain open to service the local community during this insane time.

    Our main focus is to keep paying our staff for as long as possible and ensuring they have jobs p.c (post corona). While government support is welcome and needed, we want to keep contributing to the local economy in any way we can while keeping our business afloat. Any and all support is much appreciated during what is a dark time for everyone across all industries in the UK and around the world.
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