Holy Trinity Foodbank - donations needed

Hi all, I was at HT Foodbank today packing bags ready for Sunday, and they are either almost or completely out of certain items. If anyone is able to help, please let me know - I'll be happy to collect (i.e. I'll come to your house, wait while you put it outside and go back in, and then pick up the bag. Min 2m distance will be maintained!)

Tinned meats: mince & onion, chicken in sauce, corned beef etc
Longlife milk
Longlife juice

I'd like to post a photo of the full list of what they put in a bag, but have forgotten how to upload photos...


  • Most Sundays, they have 6-10 people (service users) collecting food. Last Sunday - over 25. And now that Islington Foodbank has closed, numbers are likely to remain high.
  • Is there a way of donating money if not food (I am isolating)?
  • @therattle I have asked about financial donations. It is supposed to be possible, via the Parochial Council, so I've asked for bank details; if need be, I'll help them set up a PayPal account or similar. Will come back to you when I have some answers!
  • They're still collecting via Londis, though, right? Although Londis is troublingly busy whenever I try to go in, so tend to avoid
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    @Agaton Sax yes, they collect from Londis and the Sainsbury's Local opposite the Old Dairy. But those haven't yielded much lately; on Wednesday, the Sainsbury's one was particularly limited, because the store has had difficulty in keeping itself stocked like pretty much every other supermarket.

    When service users come to collect today, they will be given a note telling them that the Foodbank is almost out of food, and that we will let them know during the week if we get enough donations to be able to give them something next week...
  • If anyone would like to drop off food donations today, I'll be outside the church hall on Stapleton Hall Road - next to St Aidan's - from 1pm - 3.30pm. 2m distance will be observed at all times, and I'll put up a sign, probably on the St Aidan's fence, so that dropoffs don't interfere with service user collections.

    I now know how financial donations can be made, but don't want to post the bank details publicly. If you would like to donate, please send me a pm and I'll send you the information. Thank you :smile:
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