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    Last night we had another excellent takeaway curry (tikka, sag aloo, veg rice, paratha) from Dhonia. There was a long wait for the food and they gave us a free bottle of Cobra as compensation. The little pots of sauce and chutney are very good as well. Every curry we have had from there has been great. In fact, although I am a big fan of Jai Krishna, I have to say Dhonia is more consistent in terms of quality.
  • Yep, I agree. Dhonia is great. I went for the first time after reading about it on this website actually. I really love the lime curry - amazing with lamb.
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    Has anyone been to the Elvis night? I am sorely tempted.

    Ate in once when they openend about 5 years ago (half price opening fortnight), but the loos flooded into the dining area as we ate. So haven't been back since. Now that they have Elvis, that may change....
  • I didn't even know Dhonia existed until now. I've never noticed it. I'll be going down there asap to check it out - or do I get a takeaway? Decisions, decisions.
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    I have never been on Elvis night but have walked past when he is there and it looks brilliant. I think it gets booked up way in advance.
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    I think the next Elvis night is 24th. I'm going to book!
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    I would love to go to the Elvis night. I've been to one in a chinese restaurant before, it was utterly brilliant in the most kitschtastic way. I've walked past Dhonia when Elvis night's been on and it looked like they were having a whale of a time.
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    Sounds amazing. I am going to book for the 24th!
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    I'm quite fond of Indian food (being Indian myself) and I find that Dhonia is very consistently good.

    I'm a sucker for Indian takeaway, as it's not like any of the food 'real' Indian people eat at home in the UK, so getting a nice curry is actually a treat.

    My wife (who isn't Indian) recently went for a lesson at <a href="http://www.renskitchen.com/" target="_blank">Ren's Kitchen</a> where she learnt how to cook some of our favourite Indian dishes like Spinach & Lamb curry & Sweet potato & mixed vegetables curry, as well as how to make proper fluffy Indian rice.

    So every week now I have 3 or 4 really good Indian meals as Mrs. L is now eager to cook great Indian food.

    Give a man a fish and all that...
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    I went to Ren's Kitchen last year, using a gift voucher I received at some point the year before. Simply superb. Ren is a star and I can't recommend it enough. She said she was planning a book, not sure how far she is through it or even if she's started the actual writing! Brilliant though. It's where I got my tin of spices that I use when I cook my own indian food.
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    I agree with Wideboy. I got a takeaway from them just after they'd opened and it was the best curry I have ever had. They have never reached those heights again and they did go a bit downhill for a while but they are back on pretty good form now. I have never seen more than one table eating in whenever I have been so i guess takeaways are their main business. The staff have always been brilliant. Very friendly. Does anyone ever get food from The Mezbaan? I occasionally do. Is this a mistake?
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    It is if you don't like their food.
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    Mezbaan is a mistake - never trust a place where they have the food displayed lower than waist height before they cook it.
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    Is this a parallel for the "never pick blackberries low enough down for dogs to urinate on"?
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    Elvis is 24th March, not Feb. Sorry Jenowl.
  • <P>My wife and I went to Dhonia again last week and we both agreed that I had to come on here and say something. </P> <P>Now, I've had a lot of currys in my time. I've even sampled the delights of Keralan curries for breakfast in Inida. I can honestly say that Dhonia is in the top 3 establishments I've experienced. Yes, they used to be oily (as mentioend by others) but they've sorted this out now and both the take away (delivery) and the restaurant are brilliant.</P> <P>Also worth a special mention are the staff. OK, I'm biased because they know me now - but they are really friendly and nothing is ever too much bother. </P> <P>Anyway - all round great place. I bet there are more of you out there that think so too...</P>
  • I like Dhonia - not the greatest curry in the world, but certainly perfect for a quick bite or a lazy takeway. Their veggie stuff is good, not oily at all. And the service is really friendly, they seem like nice guys. 
  • We have eaten there and had takeways many many time ,and have never had a problem with the food or the service.<br>
  • I'm a big fan of Dhonia, but haven't been going there as much since I started cutting down on curries.
  • <p>I find the idea of getting a curry that isn't from Dinner Box completely baffling. I discovered it in January and it's now a highlight of any given week. That's a little sad.</p>
  • If it's Thursday night it's curry night.  If it's curry night it has to come from Dinner Box.
  • We used to go to Dhonia all the time before kiddo, now we usually go to Mezeban for a take out. I prefer it to all the delivery options. <br>
  • Whereas I remain a Dhoniaite despite parenthood. Good curries and as commented above very nice service. Slightly pricier than Mezeban but I'd say you get better quality in return.
  • The curries at Mezbaan all tasted the same to me (too hot) but went to Dhonia for the first time two weeks ago and enjoyed it (still prefer Tiffin Tin to Dinner Box for deliveries)
  • <P>Any news on the current quality of Dhonia or other indian take away options.</P> <P>Thank you.</P> <P> </P>
  • We used to get Dinner Box but they started to taste a bit samey, so now our allegiance is with Tiffin Tin. Very good, although slightly salty. <br>
  • Thank you both I think i'll patronise Dhonia as the Stroud Green option.
  • I've always liked the Dhonia.  Currently seeking a source of vegetable vindaloo in N7 though...<br><br>roy<br>
  • @ Roy<div><br></div><div>Indian Ocean opposite James Selby on Holloway Road is good (though I cannot vouch for the vegetable vindaloo)...I have never been to Dhonia but now I want to go!</div>
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