Calling all fans of X-it.

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There's another shop selling tat opening over the road. It has 'essentials' in its name. It has a mirrored mosaic oversized wineglass in the window - an essential in anyone's book.


  • IanIan
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    Perhaps that end of SGR will become a tat store cluster to rival the wig shop quarter of Islington/Haringey/Harringay/Haringay/ˈhærɪŋɡeɪ at its other end?
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    I think I'm warming to X-it after they did me a mighty fine bunch of helium balloons for the girl's birthday party.

    They were deflated by the next day mind.
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    @katiejane - did you buy the balloons there or did they inflate ones you bought somewhere else? thx
  • if ever you need those chinese lanterns in SGR, x-it is the place to find them. Fact.

    I doubt the other "essentials" shop will have any. Therefore it is second class imho.

    But I do hope they don't both go into a crazy firework price war, now we're close to crazy firework season.
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    Having now seen the stock on display I think it's Home which is likely to suffer most from the new competition. If I were Mr Home I'd be worried.
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    I should add that that I made the above comment from having looked in through the window. Now, having been in for a gander I can say that the stock gets progressively worse the further back into the store. The stuff in the back room is shit.

    Mr Home has nothing to worry about.
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    I did wonder about you comments.
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    It's a £1 store by any other name. Makes X-it look positively up-market.

    @ lizbet - the balloons came from there - they've got plain run of the mill balloons as well as the expensive foil ones. I'm sure they'd be happy to inflate your own if you asked.
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