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Can anyone recommend a local driving instructor or school? (But not that guy from Happy Go Lucky please).



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    I had an ace driving instructor from BSM - he got me to pass my test in two weeks. He gives discounts for people who come to him direct from a recommendation too. Whisper me if you'd like his number.
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    Hello. On a recommendation from earlier in the year, I had lessons from Diamond Driving school in Blackstock Road, who were very friendly and about 22 quid a lesson

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    Did I whisper that? I meant to...
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    Kerry, just whispered you his number
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    I have failed at Wood Green, Barnet and Mill Hll. I surmised I should not drive but my instructor was a bit shit too. Different test centres have different pass rates you can get hold of and when I did mine Wood Green had lowest in country. I just wondered if people who took tests locally might share the centres they passed or failed at.. if someone knows how to set up those poll things, all the better. Just in case I ever ytry again. Streetcar has tempted me as I don't want to own a car but want to have the skill if I need it.
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    Kien Fung. Pricey, but local and good.
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    @bernie - I took my test at Barnet. Apart from the scary dual carriageway and roundabout, I found it quite a good place to learn and do the test - not a huge amount of frightening traffic (buses), and I liked driving along roads that make you think you're in the countryside. And I had a very nice examiner. Re streetcar, you're not allowed to hire one until a year after you pass your test. I can understand why they don't want new drivers, but my driving is far better right now (a month after my test) than it will be after a year of not driving. Same with most hire places. Annoying.
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    Have you found one yet? I have a very good young lady who's working independantly at the moment. She's not a money grabber like the one I had before her was. ie. Makes the lessons longer than they need to be. By that I mean that my previous instructor drove me to and from her chosen lesson area (I should have been driving?) and would make me practice only one aspect of driving each lesson which was very boring. A good money spinner for her but not good for my finances.
    Let me know if you want her number.
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    I would also be grateful for names and suggestions - have a teenage son who will be agitating for lessons soon and I'd like to make sure that he is well taught and that we don't waste our money!
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    Steer well clear of Diamond is my recommendation.

    I had a guy (David?) who was supposed to pick me up each Monday lunchtime from work in Highbury. He was always about 20 mins late (I would leave my desk ontime to wait outside, so wasted 20 mins) but he would only ever make up 5-10 mins of his delay at the end.

    One lesson he made me drive around Highbury/Cally Road/Camden Road, tracing his route to find his glasses (he found them in Bumble Bees on Camden Road - he came out with a crusty white ham roll too and we stopped for 5 mins for him to eat).

    Another time we went to drop his son's lunch off (he nipped in, I waited outside with the engine off). Another time we stopped to chat for 5 mins to his nieghbour (Mrs Singh, nice woman, shame it was on my time).

    Each lesson he'd slurp a cup of tea and smoked rollies, with the window closed (I smoke the occassional rollie, but not in cars).

    He was a twat (are we allowed to call people names?).
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    Of course you are. Quick question though, why did you keep booking him?
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    Well I thought Diamond were excellent. I had to do some refresher lessons. I would recommend calling and speaking to their receptionist, tell her what you are after, and she'll put you in touch with the right person for you. If you want to pay through the nose and go for BSM, Michael is the guy - he's the only Michael that BSM have available in this area, that's my other half's recommendation!
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    Tosscat - I didn't, Jacked it all in after 5 lessons of him wasting my time and money. The office wasn't really interested in my complaint because he was 'one of their most experienced instructors'.

    I walk anywhere within an hour or so distance by foot now. Much more enjoyable.
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    I'm reopening this thread as my daughter would like a new driving instructor - Emine, I've just whispered you asking you to whisper back the number for your guy from BSM.

    Interesting that Wood Green has the lowest pass rate in the country, my daughter has now failed three times there, all for different and pretty trivial reasons (in one case possiboly open to challenge I'd have thought). What is it with the examiners there, I wonder....? I had no idea you could apply to a different centre for the test, so that's what we'll do.
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    Whenever I visit Wood Green I'm amazed that most of the inhabitants are allowed out at all, so attempting to keep them off the roads seems like an acceptable compromise.
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    I used to be a driving instructor and still have my licence. Wood Green has a pass rate of 35% the national rate is 38% so not that much difference, my pass rate at Wood Green was 60%.
    I worked for Sion so would recommend them, they used to have an office in Crouch End but have closed it down.
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    Hello krappyrubsnif, I've just whispered you back...
  • I always recommend Port Macquarie Driving School, to everyone who asks for. I have learned driving from same driving school and had great experience. They provided professional driving lessons on decent price. I liked their work and service too.
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    No spam here, I would welcome recommendations for a driving instructor.
  • My son had a very good teacher, i will try and get his details if anyone is interested, his tip which seemed to work was book the first slot in the day for the test..
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