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    The letter about Stapleton Hall is written by Gillian Tindall, author of far and away the best book I've read about London local history - 'The Fields Beneath' (about Kentish Town, published 1977). New edition coming out soon. Inspiring read.

    It's encouraging to hear she is getting her teeth into Stapleton Hall.

    An odd coincidence too. Part of her Kentish Town book that sticks in my mind is a passage on the historic Assembly House pub (top of Kentish Town Road), which had one unusual historic feature - an ancient marble-top table, dating I think from about the 1760s or 1770s, which had belonged to the pub for two centuries. It was known as something like 'Mr Jones's' table. When I used the pub in the 1980s it was still there and screwed to the wall to stop it being stolen.

    I went back to the Assembly House recently and the antique table is nowhere to be seen. Apparently it was sold off in the 1990s by some rapacious landlord. The coincidence here is that the pub was then taken over by some Australians. And the name of the company? Larrikin Inns (also owners of the The Larrik, aka Stapleton Tavern).
  • My spies tell me badge photo (and picture of jolly Stapletonians) might appear in the 'Ornsey Journal this week.

    Apparently it took ages for the V&A museum to supply a picture and copyright permission etc etc, and then last week the paper was full of a Xmas advertising supplement exhorting us all to buy stocking fillers from Wood Green high street.

    It wouldn't surprise me if the story doesn't appear until the New Year. Stand by also for more news from esteemed local historian Ms Tindall (see above).
  • I am Gillian Tindall, and I have signed up to this website because I am currently in search of someone/more than one person/ who recalls Stapleton Hall when it was the Conservation Association premises (ie. earlier than the mid-1980s). I should be happy to meet in person any one who can produce memories of the club when it was a going concern, and particularly pleased if I can find someone connected with the club who was around in 1962 when the Association managed to buy the freehold of the premises to stop it being pulled down.
    Anyone with genuine info could email me on rglansdown@yahoo.co.uk
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    Unfortunately I can't help on the history request, but I'd second Krappy's call on 'The Fields Beneath' - a brilliant book on the universal theme of how a city grows up. The fact it is about north London is just the icing on the cake. To have Ms Tindall pop up on this forum is like a visit by urban history royalty! The book is particularly good on St Pancras Old Church, which is well worth visiting.
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    @Gillian Tindall.

    I can remember Stapleton Hall as the Conservative Club from '76 onwards until it's sale in approx '86.

    It was a very down-at-heel address with no sign or notice board that I can recall. It had a badly lit muddy car park on one side which was alwyas full of vans and pick=up trucks as it was frequented for the most part by builders and labourers at all hours of the day. There was a modern prefab extension to the side which housed two full size snoker tables. It was basically a drinking club with no official events that I recall and definitely not open to all-comers. Also Sir Hugh Rossi MP at that time was almost certainly never there [ infamous for campaigning in his open top Morgan ] The local Tories had a separate property in Crouch End on Tottenham Lane just before junction with Ferme Park Rd.which served as committee rooms etc.
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    When I moved here round here in 1980 the Stapleton Hall Tavern now the Larick was one of the reason s because it had style - an art nouveau interior with really good bands playing there all week .On a sunday lunchtimes it was Iggy Quail and really great jazz. It was such a shame when it was developed into yet another a faceless pub .
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    Someones promotion is lacking then if I live round the corner . Is there music ? Just read here about the Hamburgers which are are too expensive ??!! Wouldn't entice me in. Not a good start.
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    You live around the corner, but for six months you haven’t noticed the complete inside-and-out refurbishment, change of signs, and the fact that it now actually has punters!? Entertainment is still rather occasional and sporadic. It’s lovely inside though, the staff are very friendly and competent, the food splendid and beer range more than acceptable. A revelation. Go, tonight.
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  • Gardener Joe, it might not be Stroud Green Road.   Might it be somewhere up Stapleton Hall Road way?  Maybe they are still there somewhere.
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    They're very, very similar to Mount View Villas where I live (the run along the junction of MV and Albany) but with curved porches and windows in the bay roof. Very unlikely to be south of Stapleton Hall Road if they're as late as 1886.<br>
  • GardenerJoe, my architect friend is curious about that picture. The architect on the picture is different to the one listed. Also, what's it doing in a magazine dedicated to Irish architecture?<br>
  • Dear Joe Could these houses be the group in between Marquis & osborne roads if not they were probably the ones in between marquis & Lorne rd which were bombed and then pulled down after WW2 where Wall, Wiltshire & Lawson courts are I lived in marquis road from 1958-1977 Hope this helps sorry for the delay been trying to join the site for months Kind regards Neil
  • Great galloping gods - is that Neil the Carpenter and legendary Arsenal fan?
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    Forgive me if this has been seen or posted before and is a bit off topic but stumbled across this yesterday.<br><br><a href="">London, in 1927, in colour, on video. </a><br><br>Taken from The Open Road Claude Friese-Greene’s journey around 1920s Britain by car using his own experimental colour film process. <a href="http://beta.bfi.org.uk/4ce2b6a1cd5c1">Full film here</a>.<br>
  • That is one stonking video, all over Facebook
  • Brilliant vid. But passengers standing on the upper deck? Tut tut! 
  • Excellent video. Many thanks for sharing Papa L!
  • Not sure who wrote is but <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Stroud_Green">Wikipedia</a> gives a good read on the history of Stroud Green...
  • We are the history of Stroud Green when you think about it.
  • We are the FUTURE of Stroud Green....
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