Demo day

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Damn. Just lost original post. Must hurry now.

2 demos today.

1) Save Our Libraries.


2) IHOOPS, re Islington cuts. Holloway Odeon at 12. Marching to Islington Green.

Hope this one posts OK...

See you there!


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    The [Save our Libraries]( campaign is asking supporters to visit their local library today to show that they value this service. There's a Save our Libraries event in Hornsey Library with readings from local authors.
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    I was in Hornsey Library earlier and totally failed to spot that. Horribly hot in there - a simple way to save some cash would be to turn the thermostat down a bit. Meanwhile, N4 is closing for a week at the end of February to replace the carpet. Again, in these times of austerity one might question whether that's really the best use of the library budget.
  • one way of making public money going further in places like this would be to turn OFF the heating and use local firewood (or even old books) to warm the punters. After all this is how it was in the olden days. A good fireplace is worth thinking about and we are not going to use radiators at all this winter. Chang
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