A good local electrician

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Can anyone recommend a good, reliable electrician?



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    If you type electrician in to the search bar quite a few recommendations come up including these... <http://www.stroudgreen.org/discussion/1815/can-anyone-recommend-an-electrician/>;
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    Call Alan on 07885 065754 ... did a really good job for me and was very reasonably priced
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    I've used Keith (07968 911051) several times over the last few years, and he's friendly, reliable and honest. Highly recommended.
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    Thanks everyone!
  • FinFin
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    Darryl is North London based, friendly, reliable and good value. Call him on 07931 791819.
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    Am also looking for a qualified electrician if anyone has any recent recommendations
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    Another recommendation for Keith on 07968 911051. Reliable, trustworthy and reasonable.
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    Just wanted to flag up that I picked up MHP's recomendation and ended up using Keith to carry out all the electrical work for our extension, which came to a few thousand pounds so a considerable amount of work! Keith was excellent, extremely generous with his time and helpful. He went out of his way to ensure we could live in the property while the work was being done and didn't mind us changing our mind about things. He worked evenings and weekends to suit us, and was extremely professional and most importantly, put safety first in everything. He came up with good solutions to problems and I am very grateful to MHP for the recommendation. If you're looking for an electrician, you really can't do better than Keith. He's a nice guy too!<br>
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    Couldn't agree more with the above post re Keith. Very good guy.
  • We also highly recommend Keith who is patient and good at figuring out tricky work AND explaining it in layperson terms...<br>
  • And another vote for Keith - really nice guy, patient with non-electrically minded clients, and good electrickery, as far as I can judge it (the light comes on).
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