Continental Cafe RIP

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Shuttered this morning, with a possession order taped to the shutters. Is Yemek so profoundly unwelcoming that it's even scaring people away from the neighbours?


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    Only used the place once. Got fed up waiting to be served so walked out

    Still a shame though
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    I only recall going in on snow day a couple of years back, when it really hit the spot - but I can't really extrapolate any kind of general comment on the place from that. It did have Under New Management signs up for a while recently, but then so did Miso for a bit towards the end, whatever that means for a chain restaurant. Obviously, neither new management was up to the task.
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    The writing was on the wall ever since somebody tried to put their window through. Obvioulsly weren't keeping up with the 'payments'
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    No, our SGR front door had something similar happen a few years back, and that was simply drunken footballist louts.
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    Glad this place has closed, it looked so uninviting.
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