Do you know anyone who will measure and make curtains?

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Hi Would love someone to pop over ASAP. Please send details if you know of anyone. Thanks.


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    John Hitch Hornsey Road. Google. Very good . Also for covering sofas. Chang.
  • Also, in the Tailor at the lights (first set, from Crouch Hill) in Crouch End, there is a curtain maker and she is good and good value.... she also sends you to a huge discount curtain material place, next door to the Finchley Waitrose.... its open to the public generally, so you dont need to use her to use it.... <br>
  • There's made2measure in Crouch End. Very local and friendly
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  • Is Frank good? We are doing up our flat. Thanks Chang
  • <p>Hi, dont know if you found anyone but I am a blind & curtain maker to the trade and i ve have a small website if you would like to see a small sample of my work and also there is a example of a price for a standard roman blind.  I can make up your own fabric or I can supply fabric as well.  So no pressure just have a look and if you like what you see, please feel free to get in touch.  I can offer a measuring and fitting service if required.</p><p> </p><p>roz</p>
  • What is the address of your website roz? Chang
  • Is the curtain maker at the Crouch End end of Crouch Hill still there, and recommended?<br>
  • Second the recommendation for Frank on Archway Road ("Changing Curtains").  <div>Exteremely happy with every aspect of the service, from choosing the fabric and  colours to the actual fitting.</div>
  • Yeh we always use him - very recommended. Chang
  • Alas, Changing Curtains only make up curtains with fabric they supply, and we've already sourced ours. Anyone have recent experience with the curtain-maker at the bottom of Crouch Hill?<br>
  • Danny Wood, DW Curtains is really good, and very flexible.   He'll make up curtains with you're own fabric, do alterations etc.    He makes the curtains for some very posh curtain shops who then put their own markup on them:
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