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I'm expecting my first child and will be on maternity leave from May, roaming around the streets of Stroud Green with a baby in a buggy (as my buggy wont be trendy enough to take to Crouch End..). It would be great to hang out with other future parents, mums or dads, in the same situation, to find free things to do in the area and to exchange stories of babies' bowel movements as well as more riveting topics.

Do send me a message if this sounds like you!





  • Crouch End is the place tho. Lots of babies there. Front Room also. Not great for a single bloke to be honest, but give it a try - they have a notice board for mums.


  • Hi CitizenA

    I'm coming up to the end of my maternity leave - I go back to work in July.  But would be keen to meet up if you fancy seeing what your sweet newborn will turn into in a few months (my son is 7 months old now).  If you're joining NCT, they have regular meet-ups and a Stroud Green mailing list - will message you some info.

  • You don't need to pay £250 to NCT to get on the local mailing list. I can send you details if you whisper me. It gives you a chance to meet people through teas hosted at people's homes.

    Millions of people with buggies round here - it is quite hard not to make friends (but also very important to do so, otherwise you'll go slightly crazy through isolation and sleep deprivation). The Islington side of the road has fantastic support and facilities - new parents group at North Islington, stay and play at North Islington, Laundry, Andover, Margaret McMillan, Hornsey Road, etc... Haringey side of the road has nothing at all, but you can use the Islington stay and plays...
  • Isn't the Old Dairy the local walk in centre?

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