Harrods and Miss Annie

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<p>I know it is not Stroud Green but as Miss Annie is from here and uses SG.ORG she needs your help.</p><p>As some of you might know she is a Window dresser/Prop maker along with the 100's of other things she does, and she entered a compatition to dress a window at Harrods for the Jubilee.</p><p>The people at Harrods selected her along with 5 others via pinterest to be put forward to the public vote that ends on Friday. If she wins then a window at Harrods is for her to dress, and that is a huge step.</p><p>So if 1/any/ALL (note the ALL) of you could follow the links and select her in first place it would help a little, I know I am biased but she really does do excellent work.</p><p>It is on face book at <a href="https://apps.facebook.com/favoriteshq/contests/218278/entries/new">https://apps.facebook.com/favoriteshq/contests/218278/entries/new</a></p><p>Or twitter but I am buggered if I can find the link to that one! The name you should pick is Annie Martin.</p><p>Thanks</p>


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