Freeganism in Stroud Green

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Anyone else interested in the potential for bin diving in our illiustrious little corner of N4?  Seems Tesco has its bins in a lock up which i think is just mean.  Planning to scope out Crouch End Waitrose and Budgens bins though. Any tips? (I doubt it obviously).


  • I've looked into this before when I lived in Bristol. All supermarkets seemed to have their bins locked up. Shame.
  • I listened to an interesting programme about this a while ago. The reason they lock them is that they are concerned about people suing for getting food poisoning from food they've taken from the bins.
  • <p>When I was a young warthog I lived close to a Dunlop and Mr Kipling factory every Sunday we went over the fence into the Dunlop skips and got a few bags they had thrown away then in was on to Mr Kipling in to the skips and spent a happy few hours in there eating and stuffing the bags with as much as we could.</p><p>We did try to avoid any that had been nibbled by rats, mice etc, we never found a way into the Coke factory they had better security and 14 yr old boys are not known for stealth and cunning.</p><p>But I am up for some skip diving reliving the glory days of an inept adolescences.</p><p>And in some parts of the states the shops (or so I have been told, could be a urban myth) Sprinkle any food stuff they throw away with liquid rat poison.</p>
  • I don't get why they throw the good stuff away when so many people are living in the streets with nothing to eat. They could give it to homeless homes (forgot how they're called) where homeless people get their free meals. It's shocking what supermarkets (and people in general) throw away; perfectly fine vegetables, fruit, bread and other things! <br><br>Never did skip diving, though, but I watched a few programmes where hard-core skip divers lived on the food they found. <br>
  • If you donate food that's past its expiration date to a charity and people get ill, you are responsible. No supermarket chain would take on that kind of risk. Pret donates unsold sandwiches (or at least they used to), but those were all made on site that afternoon.<br><br>I've never been tempted to go through bins for free food, but I do know people who've done it. I don't think supermarkets are the way to go. You'd be better off hanging around cafes at closing time. Pick one that sells packages sandwiches and salads. The staff put leftover food in bin bags and stick them on the pavement. Easy access.<br>
  • There is a good Bakery on Chapel Market that every Sunday gets rid of the Bread it has not sold, if I am around at 5pm its always worth a look. I don't care pride has never been top of my agenda.
  • I am pretty sure that Budgens gives lefts over the the Foodcycle Cafe in the Mind Centre, Station House on Stapleton Hall Road. Been there twice for their Friday cafe and it is really busy with locals.  <br>
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