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Can anyone recommend someone who can fix tv/aerial problems? Ours stopped working this evening, and it looks like water has been dripping down through the aerial lead. I don't know much about tvs or aerials, but I don't imagine this is meant to happen. <br>


  • We had that. TV went on the blink every time it rained.<br><br>Switched to cable.<br><br>Sorry, not much help, but I do feel your pain.<br><br>
  • If you have freeview or/and an indoor aerial,  move it around a bit, make sure it touches the wall slightly, maybe autotune if this doesn't work.<div><br></div><div>Hpy vwing</div><div><br></div>
  • yes, we have freeview, but it isn't finding anything when it autotunes, and when I plug the aerial lead directly into the TV, that doesn't work either i.e. we can't even get the five basic channels. So I think it's an external aerial thing.<br>
  • the analogue signal has been turned off, but try autotune and turning the indoor aerial around and make sure it touches the wall (earthing it).  A friend had problems like this auto tuned it many times but until she did all these things at once it didn't work. 
  • be careful with Aerial companies if you get one  lost of rip off merchants.  A new Freeview aerial will cost about £250 so try all other routes first
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    I'm currently without TV following the analog switch-off, but I'm not a big TV watcher anyway.  I'm thinking of buying a cheap digi box, but will it work with an internal aerial?  I don't have access to one on the roof.  I seem to recall that Ally Pally's digital signal isn't turned on for a while and we're still reliant on Crystal Palace.  My old analogue reception was crap, given that I'm on Mount View Road from where Ally Pally can be spat at.<br>
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    We have an indoor aerial. Up until last week, the reception was reliably crap. Since the last re-tune, it's been excellent. <br>
  • Good news.  Might get one.<br>
  • The switchover means that the signal should be much better - the signal strength was turned up a lot and it doesn't have the same glitches of interference of analogue. At the same time they stuck a new transmitter on the top of BT tower. Before switchover we were getting our digital terrestrial signal from Crystal Palace.  <br><br><br>
  • This seemed a good moment to give my licence up. I never watched anyway. You wouldn't believe the hassle. Apparently only 5% of the population are without, and they don't believe we aren't watching illegally. Guilty till proved innocent. Fascists!
  • Checkski you can look forward to endless threatening letters. They really don't believe anyone would not have a TV. Of course with online catch up services replicating so much of TV (and not needing a licence) I don't know how much longer the licence model will work.
  • Be slightly careful though - you do need a licence for watching TV live online, just not as you say catch up (i.e. BBC iPlayer). <br><br>Easy for them to check if they do decide to prosecute as well - just check with your broadband supplier if you ever access live TV.   <br>
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    the tv licence is worth it, if only for the fact it cross-subsidises bbc radio, and the wonderful bbc orchestras
  • I disagree about endless threatening letters. I didn't have a TV until I moved in with my TV-loving husband. Don't ignore the red letters. Just call them up and explain that you don't have a TV. They didn't ever bother me again. The worst they can do is send someone round your house to double-check. No great intrusion.
  • I second that. I just let them know I no longer had a TV and heard nothing from them ever after.
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