Strawberry man at Finsbury Park tube

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I've never seen so many strawberries being scoffed than at that stall with the line up of chatty market men. Steve keeps saying "last few strawberries" but there are always millions more in the van. They are tasty tho. But what happened to Rita and Tom who used to run the stall (hardly did strawberries I remember). Chang


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  • Yes, what did happen to the other two? She was nice.
  • He cunningly places them right near the tube entrance so that the aroma wafts really far down the tunnel, so that as one is walking towards the exit all one can smell is that lovely strawberry perfume. <br><br>I got some bloody nice rhubarb from there a few weeks ago. The strawberries, when I bought them, were disappointing, but maybe it was too early in the season and they've improved. <br>
  • He also charged me 25p for a banana.<br>Next time I'll go to Sainsbury's and get one for 18p<br><br>
  • Or Ash's where they'll be better quality and, I'll wager, cheaper
  • i asked him for ten cherry tomatoes and he laughed and refused to charge me for them. i informed him that this was a poor business model for a fruit and veg man.<br>
  • @barnesbq<;div><br></div><div>At the back of the sainsburys in tottenham court road you can buy a bunch of bananas (about 5) for £1 - £1.50 depending on the offer.</div><div>By the till queues in the same sainsburys a single banana costs 58p</div><div><br></div><div>People are paying something like a 200% markup because they won't walk to the back of a shop they are already in.</div>
  • i can get bananas that are extremely cheap but isnt the best. they are usually smaller and go brown a lot quicker.
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