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Virgin phone problem?

edited May 2012 in General chat
Anyone else have phone probs? I have a dial tone when I pick up the handset, but not one of the 3 phones in the house rings when the number is dialled. It seems beyond the bounds of probability that all 3 phones have stopped working at the same time...


  • I've had a problem like that before a few times (and other variations of weirdness). If it's not an area fault an engineer is required and seems to normally be a wire has come loose in a box outside on the road.
  • I believe Four Eyes was having Virgin troubles on Sunday, so maybe there's a problem in the area?<br>
  • Apparently no area problems, but given the number of individuals having issues, that's hard to believe!<div><br></div><div>@EdB, thanks - might go and have a look in the box. Loose wires are usually down to previous engineers being careless and not connecting things back up properly. Grrrr. </div>
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