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Hello, I am interested in knowing more about Stroud Green and what it is like to live and raise a family there. I currently live in East Finchley, N2 where I moved to after living in Islington for over 15 years. It was hard to leave the lifestyle of Islington but my wife and I could not afford to buy a suitable home there. We ended up in N2 as prices were reasonable and it felt clean, safe, friendly and with good transport into the West End where I work. We are now looking to move again and buy a house and would like to move somewhere where a good sized family home is affordable and in a safe, friendly neighbourhood. We have a two year old daughter and our second child on the way so schools are naturally very important. Stroud Green looks appealing as the cost of houses seem affordable but we don't know anything about the area and community. I'd love to hear form any locals who would be happy to share their experiences of living there with us. Many thanks, Mark 


  • Can't comment on the schools because I don't have kids, but lots of good things here. Finsbury Park is great and has had a lot of investment in it over the last few years; transport links are very good; some excellent restaurants and pubs; and there is a good sense of community, as the existence of this forum demonstrates! There's also a big Sainsbury's not far away - I know supermarkets are the devil, but you'll need to bulk buy nappies somewhere, and it's open 24 hours - and quite a few independent shops such as our new-ish fruit and veg shop. Hope some of that's helpful!
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    Hello. I always got the sense East Finchley was somewhere people in Stroud Green moved out to, rather than the other way around. So there are similarities and familiarities. There's lots on schools if you search this site, but I've been told by others that the relative cheapness* of homes round here is in part down to the fact that so many parents move out by the time it comes to going to a secondary school. <div><br></div><div>*Though this is through-the-looking glass stuff, when 75 square poorly laid out square metres can cost over half of one million pounds and people feel it reasonable to describe this as any way as 'cheap'.</div>
  • Hello,<br>I would move to the side where there are very good primary schools if you have young kids where you have a better choice of schools ie St Aidans, Ashmount, Coleridge.<br>Good luck!<br><br>
  • thankyou very much for your advice and comments, they are really very helpful. are there any particular streets we should be looking at near the schools you mention or where there are good sized properties? thanks again, mark
  • A lot of the houses here have been split into flats, so really you're probably best off looking on sites such as Rightmove and Find A Property to see where there are houses available. Local agents include Davies & Davies, Christopher Charles, Michael Morris, David Phillips, & KFH in Crouch End.
  • All I would say Major is avoid Lorne Road, it has terrible hygiene and stench problems especially in hot weather. Regina Road is nice and has big reasonably priced houses. And no smells. Chang
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    The several-million-pound property on Stapleton Hall Road is still on the market ... close to good schools - it once was a school - and buses!
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