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<P>A new bus only lane which is  about 10 foot long has appeared in the middle of the road near to Drayton Park Station.  They have even  taken  away the cycle lane  to put it in.</P> <P>I wonder if this is another "traffic calming"  Islington Council money spinner or is there  going to be  a bus route on Drayton Park ?</P> <P> </P> <P>It looks  like a stupid waste of Islington money </P>


  • <P>Talking of wasting Islington money.....</P> <P>I had some leftover paint which i thought i'd take to the recycling centre on Holloway road, as they recycle EVERYTHING...........except paint apparently. </P> <P>The process is that you call Islington council to register your paint collection request, they then send out some rather detailed paperwork for you to fill in, you then return the paperwork, they then call you up and arrange a collection. Overall, the process takes about 2 weeks.</P> <P>Why is it not more appropriate for the recycling centre to be a holding point for paints which are then collected once a week by the relevant council division? all paperwork filled in by people who know what they're doing and paints out of the hands of people like me into professionals? </P> <P>It won't be long before the mafia realise there is money to be made in north london and we become like Naples.</P>
  • <P>I've no idea about the bus lane, but as a council lackey I know the council has no choice about paint, it's considered hazardous waste and is collected by the Corporation of London on behalf of every London council, ridiculous red tape and all... <A href="">Thus</A>  ... while that sounds bad, outside of London most councils charge about fifty quid for the pleasure of taking it away.</P>
  • You could try giving it away via Freecycle.<br>
  • They take paint at the recycling centre up near Tottenham Hale. I think you're supposed to book in before, but they seemed happy to take it when I dropped it off there about a year ago.<br>
  • <P>It has taken Islington Council just over a week to start using this a a revenue source.  The SMART car with the telescopic camera was prked near by nabbing peoplefor not understanding the road layout or are they just enforcemnet.</P> <P> </P> <P>Not seen any buses yet !</P>
  • Like many people I use that road as a cycle route. It's dangerous at the moment because cars don't know what they're supposed to do and change direction violently. I guess people will get used to it in time. I've not stopped to look properly but I can't work out what it's trying to achieve. Good tip about Tottenham Hale and paint. It is a nightmare to get rid of. Best to just keep doing extra coats till it's all gone and then chuck the empty tin in the wheelie bin.
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    As Idoru says, freecycle is brilliant for getting rid of things like paint. Especially if it's generic Farrow & Ball/Little Green million shades of white. Or if it's water soluble matt paint donate it to an after school club or charity.
  • I suspect the reason it's classed as hazardous waste is that bad things happen if lots of it is landfilled.  So it's not that your can of paint is dangerous <i>per se</i> - but you probably don't want it getting into the water table either.<br><br>It's the same reason car batteries are classed as hazardous waste (you don't want the lead getting into the water table). <br>
  • This is now being dug up and it looks like it is being  taken away ! Why what  a waste of Islignton money ?
  • It is actually being moved 20 feet up the road towards  the Arsenal groun. Digging up th old one filling it in and building a new one!  Islington Councilors what is going on ?
  • I hope the local press pick up on this one!
  • It was in the Islington Gazette letters page last week.
  • That bloody smart car constantly sits at the junction of evershot and hanley roads trying to take pictures of people turning right into hanley. It always has 2 people asleep inside wearing council uniforms. I simply cannot understand this total waste of time, resource and money. 
  • Don't forget that the Smart car is invariably on a double yellow line itself with the engine running.<br>
  • Can you not make a Citizens  arrest after taking a photo to prove they have broken the law?
  • I'd be up for trying that. They were there this evening with the engine running. Ruining my entire day.
  • And again tonight.  Thing is, the car is SO BLINKING OBVIOUS when it's parked there that only the astonishingly unobservant could miss it - and therefore no deterrent, since it's equally obvious when it's NOT parked there.  <div><br></div><div>Pointless.  </div>
  • Why not get the local papers onto they are breaking the law to enforce the law that can't be right ?<br>
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    I first saw the Smart car when we moved to Regina Road six or seven years ago, foolishly I thought it was some kind of public safety mobile CCTV.<div><br></div><div>When I got a parking ticket while stopped outside unloading stuff to our new flat I wrote to the council informing them I was just stopped temporarily. I added that <span style="font-size: 10pt;">their CCTV car should be able to back me up on not having been there longer than a few minutes, as I remembered it being parked on the corner when I turned into the road.</span></div><div><span style="font-size: 10pt;"><br></span></div><div>About a week later I got two letters from Islington on the same day.</div><div><br></div><div>1) Telling me due to the fact I was just unloading I was let off my parking ticket</div><div>2) A £60 fine for turning right into Regina Road, complete with photos from the CCTV car</div><div><br></div><div>That was the day my naivety was well and truly beaten out of me by Islington's traffic enforcement robber barons.</div>
  • I saw a Westminster Traffic Warden booking a Westminster Rubbish Cart at Admiralty Arch as I cycled past this morning.  Need a bit of this in Islington <br>
  • So here we have it folks from the Head of Islington council herself....<div><br></div><div>"<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 18px; ">“We need to make sure lives are not at risk. One accident is too many. The money pales into insignificance compared to people’s safety. “</span></div><div><span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 18px; "><br></span></div><div><span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 18px; ">It's finally gone at a cost of £130,000, and with over £1m in PCN revenues. The fact that money is mentioned in this topic tells me everything i need to know about so called "safety" initiatives. In this case, it made the road less safe. Nice one.</span></div><div><span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 18px; "><br></span></div><div><span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 18px; "><a href=""></a></span></div>;
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