Dangerous driving

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I'm not sure if they're doing timed laps or just want to show off their cars now we have some nice weather, but some young lads have been racing along Victoria Road both last night and tonight.  I'm amazed at how much speed they can manage in between the speed bumps, but all we can hear is them whizzing past at high speed then the screech of brakes.  They were doing it quite early on in the evening, when there could be children in the road.  Perhaps the local police could do something to discourage them?


  • Police probably will ... if you call them ...
  • Pick up the telephone, dial 101, tell the police.<div>They will most likely divert a patrol car along the road, the yoofs will be scared off. Problem solved!</div>
  • yes I'll do that if it happens again - we were going to call on Saturday night, so thought we'd wait for the next one to whizz past and try and get the number plate, or at least just make note of what type of car it was, but typically as soon as we sat watching it all quietened down!
  • They are nOw in Lorne road but the stink brought on by the hot weather has discouraged them. It discourages most of us to be frank. Wish the council would sort... Chang
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