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I know I am going to sound like an old git but last night it was so loud that I could hear the lyrics on Tollington Park with the windows shut.  Another two evenings to go.  Probably wouldn't mind if I actually liked them...


  • Ahhh that's what it was. I could hear some Jerusalem bells and, I think, at one point a Roman Choir piped up so should have guessed it was Coldplay. <br>
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    A Roman Choir ... [Did you mean 'choir' rather than 'Choir'?] ... what is that ... as opposed to a London choir or a Parisian choir?
  • It was a weak gag based on Coldplay lyrics, the grammar of it is by the by. On another note the concert this evening was unbelievably loud. As a consequence my toddler is still awake, watching TV to calm her down. In her bedroom I could even hear Chris Martin talking to the crowd in between songs.
  • Same.  My kid awake til after it finished.  Must be unbearable for those living next to the Emirates.  Another night to go on Monday.
  • I'm not fan of theirs but I quite enjoyed listening to it in the garden. My upstairs neighbour went on Friday and then listened to it yesterday, slightly different setlist apparently.
  • Can't say I heard it.  What time did it finish?  I gather it started at 16:30 so I can't imagine it could have gone on at all late?<br>
  • I didn't hear it at all on Monday. They started at about 8.30 on Saturday, went on 'til 10ish.
  • Was barely audible on Monday.  I guess there were complaints.
  • <P>I was under the impression that noise was limited at the Emirates, I'm sure people complained about the lack of volume when Bruce Springstein played there a few years ago. </P> <P> </P> <P>Either way I didn't hear anything on Florence Road </P>
  • It certainly was the first gig there that I have ever noticed and I have lived here for yonks.  It was unbelievably loud for the first two nights.  Like Ian, I could hear Chris Martin talking to the crowd between songs through closed double glazed windows.  When I lived next to Finsbury Park 20 years ago I couldn't hear anything like that volume during the various festivals. 
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    yeah it was very loud I could also hear Chris Martin's boring dulcet voice all the way up off Tollington Park. I think it's great there can be concerts in the centre of town (just wish it would be better music), it was only for a couple of nights. <div>I don't like Coldplay at all so I either went out or just turned my tv/stereo up! <div><br></div><div><div><br></div></div></div>
  • Speaking to someone earlier today who was at the gig. They said it felt too quiet in the stadium, and they were able to maintain a conversation at normal volumes. So perhaps the speakers were pointed in the wrong direction.
  • <font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2">The gig was definitely quieter on the Monday</font>
  • <p>I went to the gig, the Emirates stadium is absolutely magnificent!  The sound was very good.....</p><p>We are blessed to have the biggest Club in London on out doorstep.......</p><p> </p><p> </p>
  • <p>I'm not a big football fan but are Chelsea not the biggest club in London?</p>
  • maybe the wind was carrying the noise in a different direction on monday? i want to hear the science behind this. <br>
  • @missannie no. Chelsea are just a small club in fulham
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