Endless fried chicken shacks in FP?

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According to Caitlin Moran in today's Times Magazine, Finsbury Park has 'endless fried chicken shacks'. I can think of 2 - Dixie on SGR & KFC on Seven Sisters Road. Are there many, many more which I have failed to notice?


  • No. There are 3 on stroud green road, and 4 in finsbury park.thats just off my head. This area is the worst i can actually think of when it comes to shops. Its such a waste because it takes people away from the area. All we have are chicken shops, and even more estate agents. I think its ridiculous. Councils in this country need to get more involved about what opens up on a high street.
  • There are lots but Caitlin lives in Crouch End where they have wetherspoons, Greggs, KFC and one of the worst pubs I've ever been in so she can clamber down off her high horse quick sharpish!
  • @ashman, 7 sound like quite a few... I guess I haven't noticed them because I don't eat fried chicken all that often!<div><br></div><div>@missannie - quite!</div>
  • @Ash, I agree but I'm not sure how much power councils actually have.
  • Miss Annie - which pub is it you hate?<br>
  • That really dodgy one opposite the Clocktower Greengrocers, next to the chippy.
  • Oh, used to be the Wishing Well, that one?<br>
  • That's the fella. Endless supply of reprobates lurking inside and out, whole place smells of pee and lard and the staff were rude.
  • Sounds like good ol' Chapter One (sigh), well the lard anyway. The delay in that gem reopening is a local disgrace. I hope it is back for the Olympics. Chang
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    Nice discussion.<div><br></div><div>Councils have no power to "decide which shop". We are in a free economy, demand and offer.</div><div><br></div><div>FP looks cheap at the moment, 1 Pound shop, Lidl, Payday loans, betting shops, fried chicken shops (halal or not) and several improbable cafes.</div><div><br></div><div>There are few signs of change, but it's a long way before you can dream of an high street. And the low footfall makes the few attempting a change to move somewhere else to earn a living.</div><div>Not to mention the impact of Arsenal matches in the area that kills everything but cheap food and beers in plastic cups.</div>
  • Actually the Localism Act does empower Councils to place restrictions on the type of retail offer on a high-street.  Islington are using it to ban new fast-food places within x-distance of schools.<br>
  • That's good to know, thanks.
  • I noticed chicken shops far more when I lived in E14 than I do here. What about all the wig shops on SGR though?!
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