So farewell then Stroud Green

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Discussions are often off topic. This posting is in the right category as it is literally "about this site".<br><br>This is our last night here in N4, and there is much sadness. Many things I will miss but this website has been a fantastic resource for the place I live. Gives me the feeling that whilst living in a big city I have been part of a community. I've met people through this, discussed the area, watched change happen and minded a bollard. By and large we have rubbed along pretty well despite the odd difficulty and life here has been the better for it. <br><br>Many many thanks to Andy and David for setting this site up, maintaining it, putting up with the grief and having the good spirit to keep it going. Many others would have just given up at times. I think from my wanderings around the web that it is absolutely the best of its kind and we have been lucky to have it. <br><br>I don't think that there is a number by our name as to when we joined as there used to be, but I think I was something like the 57th member. Many have come and gone since. Some I've met, some I've got to know well, most, though, I think I know but have no idea. <br><br>I'll keep lurking, of course, I've been checking it every day for 5 years and habits are hard to break. <br><br>Bye<br><br><br><br>


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