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Summer on the Green - Tottenham knit-in

edited June 2012 in About this site
Nicked from here: <a href=""></a><br><br>If any knitters are interested this was posted on the Harringay Online forum<br>achel Taylor - living in Tottenham, is a creative and passionate knitter. She wants to hold relaxed, informal drop-in knitting sessions at weekends during the Summer on the Green event.  <p>Are you or any of your contacts interested in joining in? Traditional and guerrilla knitters welcomed! Also learners, though there will be no formal tuition - it is a chill-out, rather than teaching, session. </p> <p>Rachel is amazing - last seen knitting strips of torn-up fabric into a rug on needles the size of small trees! Her events will be lots of fun for anyone into making things!</p> <p>Would you like to come along? Or do you have a box of leftover wool and needles, untouched for years, which you could donate to Rachel, who does lots of community knitting events locally?</p> <p>We would be very grateful if you could circulate this widely to your contacts and organisations, especially knitters and those interested in crafts.</p> <p>For those who don't already know, Summer on the Green is a temporary festival for one month from this Saturday 23 June, on Tottenham Green East, across the High Road from the Town Hall. It is being run in conjunction  with Haringey Council and the London Festival of Architecture and the Royal Institute of British Architects. Our themes are community and sustainability. For more info, please look at our website - <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a>  There is an events timetable there, but it is rapidly evolving</p><br>
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