Budgie Spotted

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Hi everyone!<div>This morning (around 10am) I saw a blue budgie sitting on top of the pub sign of the Nicolas Nicklebly (opposite Londis at the bottom of Ferme Park Road).</div><div>Just wondering if anyone has lost this little guy? or seen a poster with 'lost budgie' and a contact number so I can call and tell them where he's been spotted.</div><div>He looked healthy and I saw him fly onto the pub sign so he's obvious in good spirits but maybe a bit confused.</div><div>Not sure how you'd go about recapturing him but I bet whoever lost him would give it a go.</div><div><br></div><div>RWW</div>


  • I would guess you'd catch him by putting out seed, but unless you've got a cage to then keep him in that wouldn't really help much. You could try phoning the RSPCA, who could maybe catch him and keep him safe. He's likely to die pretty quickly unless he's recaught.<br>
  • Do budgies not survive in the wild then? I know there is a thriving parrot population in west/south-west London...
  • Generally not in this country, as far as I know. The weather is against them and they easily become food for bigger things. The Ring-necked Parakeets - which have now spread to north London! - are bigger so not such easy prey for Sparrowhawks or Kestrels. <br>
  • Have tweeted it. (Absolutely NO pun intended!!)
  • We lost a blue one about a year  ago not far from the Nick Nick !
  • @Ali well I hope he's yours and he has gone cheerfully feral then.<div>I went down that way later in the day and he was gone so no attempt to capture him was made, which is probably best for my dignity and his stress levels.</div>
  • Just to confirm that the parakeets have definitely made it as far as Finsbury Park, I've seen/heard one there a few times (though not this summer, yet).
  • Is it the parrots that make such an extraordinary racket in the trees near Crouch Hill station / Mount Pleasant Villas ... like castrated, but steroid-fuelled magpies (if you can imagine such things)?
  • I counted about six when I did the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch earlier this year. <br><br>gardener-joe - that almost certainly is them. Noisy little buggers.<br>
  • I saw the green parakeets recently, from my window that looks over parkland walk.  Must have been 5 or 6 of them at least, eating the berries on the trees.  I knew they where in the Greenwich area, but never thought they were this far north in london
  • A  cage is up for grabs   in Victoria Rd  between Lorne and Albert Rd.<div><br></div><div>Could be the source of the budgie ?</div>
  • Just wanted to register my parakeet spotting.  Had 3 beauties in my apple tree this week.  I was excited to see them.  Been away from my garden for a few years and was not aware they were in our area.  Will look for them in future.
  • Yes, they've made it this far north now. I've seen several in Finsbury Park and about 10 in Abney Park Cemetary in Stoke Newington.<br>
  • I saw 3 on an apple tree on Sunday  as well, the Jays were trying  to scare them off
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