Flats broken into

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Has anyone been broken into around the area? Our flat and one other has been. We have had a lot taken and are very upset. It happend last night. ( Friday night)


  • Oh dear, very sorry to hear that. Which road and how did they get in?
  • Stroud green road.
  • How awful. Are you insured?
  • Really sorry to hear this. Hopefully you're insured and they did take anything money can't replace.<div><br></div><div><br></div>
  • They took laptops, cameras and my partners jewellery. All pictures on laptops lost. Felt really happy on Stroud green road for nearly a year. Time to move I think.
  • Oh, that's awful, I do feel for you. Hope all's insured and you had pictures backed up?
  • @miss annie 7:31PM "Oh, that's awful, I do feel for you. Hope [...] you had pictures backed up?". Dohh! I think a clue is in "All pictures on laptop lost". :)
  • Didn't have pics backed up. Just annoyed that some one has been in looking about I'm mine an partners stuff.
  • There was an attempted break in while we were away just off Stroud Green Road. Fortunately they didn't get away with any possessions. Everyone's been really kind and interested in what's happened, and if it wasn't for a passer-by who called the police immediately it would have been far worse!
  • Hi when was this?
  • Night of August 1st
  • We got burgled 2 months ago on ferme park road. Same stuff taken. Jewellery two laptops etc. went through entire flat and smashed their way in through the front window. So sorry it happened to you. Police said there's a spate with them trying to get into sash windows. Advice was get an alarm and a dog! Hope insurance covers you.
  • <p>A monitored alarm helps, but most burgulars know they have about a 7 minute window on average before the Cops show up so they'll grab the first valuable thing they see and run.</p><p>So my advice is to leave all valuables out of sight (easier said then done) whenever you leave the house.</p><p>You can also purchase special security software for mobiles & Laptops that will take photos via a webcam, generate alarm noises & screen messages saying it's stolen property & disable the item remotely if reported stolen.</p><p>Had my Macbook stolen 4 years ago, and when I got the insurance replacement I promptly purchased the anti-theft s/w. Haven't had to use it yet ... touch wood.</p><p>I hope they catch the scum bags.</p>
  • Leave on Radio 4 - or some other talk-heavy radio prog - when you leave the house .. the thief will often listen at a door or window before attempting to break in.
  • <P>Installing an alarm is worth it for peace of mind - I realise this only displaces the problem. </P> <P>Police attribute this to drug addicts feeding their habit - photographing the toe rags is one way to help get convictions.</P> <P>Maybe it is time for the mobile police HQ to be set up on SGR again.</P>
  • I prefer to leave on something more "threatening" than Radio 4. Talk radio suggests the inhabitant is bit more crazy...
  • The Sweeny on a loop could be a winner.<br>
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    Just had another attempted burglary on Charteris Road reported- did anyone hear anything between 2100-2130hrs at the Tollington Park end of Charteris Road on the night of Wednesday 22nd August? Appears this is quite a spate!
  • We had a similar burglary back in 2008. Threw a brick though front window and stole laptops. We put up. Security light and window film so they could not see in. We haven't been burgled since touch wood but I still have nightmares. We wre in the next room sleeping. These people must be stopped!
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