Lovely little park in Woodfall Road is just a dogs toilet!!!

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<p>So annoying that the lovely little flower garden on Woodfall Road is used purely as a dog's toilet. I walk past there every morning and evening on my way to work and think what a shame that a little park that would be ideal for a family picnics has to be avoided because it is likely to endanger the health of small children. </p><p>Dog owners can enjoy a nice little sit down on the one of the four benches provided as they wait for their dog/dogs to foul the grass and then stroll out without picking it up - maybe the rare few do clean up after their dogs but not many because it absolutely stinks. Lovely for all the children playing on the swings in the adjoining park to inhale.</p>


  • <p>PS: Forgot to add that for the last three weeks we have also been subjected to cat poo all over the pavement (towards the Lennox Rd end). </p><p>So note to cat owner... when you empty your litter tray put it into two carriers bags and tie a tight knot, then put it into a black bin bag.</p>
  • In Lorne Road we started putting domestos down in corners to prevent the animals shitting there repeatedly. It seemed to work for a while.
  • @Mary15: Thanks for sharing ... here we cannot do much beyond sympathise/empathise ... but did you also raise this with your local councillor? We'd be even more interested to know 'what happened next'.
  • <p>Thanks to you both for taking the time to comment. </p><p>As we all know its entirely the fault of the owners, but I will made contact with our local Councillor, trouble is its been going on for years and one pet owner in particular actually wraps her dog's chain around the park gates (totally ignoring the 'No dogs allowed' sign) and allows her very large dog to use the park as a doggy convenience.</p><p> </p><p> </p>
  • New to the forum - I think that contacting your local councillor is a step in the right decision.  Emailing Green Spaces could also be worthwhile.  If I am right, the park is in Islington (as opposed to Haringey) and they have always been responsive whenever I have raised any issues in my local park. Good luck!
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