A Beetroot eye view of Stroud Green.

edited August 2012 in General chat
<p>Hello this is Beetroot Cat. Now before I give start my cats view, I would just like to say thanks to everyone who helped me find a home.</p><p>My first thought about Stroud Green is dog poo, why should I have to poo in a plastic tray when dogs can poo on the street and the owners just let it sit there like some sticky, smelly icing on a cake?</p><p>As a cat I have a few problems with dogs and the stuff that comes out of the more intelligent end of a dog should be cleaned up. They sometimes eat their own poo which is one way of cleaning it up I suppose (and roll in it, which no cat would do!)</p><p>Dogs as every cat knows are retarded but not as retarded as the owners who don't clean up after them.</p><p>So be warned, next time I see a dog owner not cleaning up the mess I shall claw your ankles like a fuzzy streak of vengeance.</p><p> </p><p> </p>


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