Ivy removal

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Can anyone recommend someone local to remove ivy growing up the side of a house? I've inherited a large ivy which is growing up the side of my neighbour's house, and their insurance company have asked me to remove it.


  • Audrey Alexander is excellent .
  • just cut it as close to the base as you can, and when it dies it will  be easy to pull off the wall.<br>
  • Cut the root and dig it out to stop it growing back.  Depending on how far it has spread it can take a long time to die as it lives on moisture in the brick and mortar so I wouldn't wait for it.  It is very tenacious but take it down carefully as it pulls lumps out of the wall -  use a blow torch, sharpest shears and patience.  It attracts horrbile bugs that bite and throws up dust so wrap up and use a face mask.<br>
  • You will probably need to re-point the wall when it is gone ... it decimates the cement.
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