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Could do with changing some cash into dollars. Where's local?


  • M&S in Holloway Rd usually has good rates. They also have an ATM that dispenses dollars and euros.
  • If a tube journey is an option, I have always found the rates at that place in the mini arcade opposite Victoria station (just next to the bus station, next to that rather seedy little 'book' shop) the most competitive.
  • Thank you both! Think I'll go to M and S this time.
  • Hmm. M and S change bureau not there any more. Went to post office.
  • I use that place opposite Victoria Station too - they are really competitive.  
  • @ Sharybo.  Do they race you to the end of the counter or do a who blinks first competition?
  • Oddly, but very conveniently, Travelex are pretty competitive as long as you buy it on their website at least the day before you travel. You can then pick it up at the airport.
  • I always go to the post office as they don't charge commission and they seem like good eggs <br>
  • M&S has lousy rates, as does the Post Office.<br><br>Use the <a href="">Travel Money Comparison</a> site to find the best deal. Reserve online. Pick up in person. Last time I had to get USD, we saved £40 compared to what they were offering if we had just turned up.<br>
  • 0% commission doesn't really mean anything - because they often just give you a worse rate to make up for the lack of commission.<br><br>
  • As Roy says, don't be duped by 0  % commission.  The exchange rate is often higher. Found this with the post office.  Not bad if you want to change lower amounts and I mean about £50.  Over that you pay in higher exchange rates.  In Europe it's often better to get money out at cash machines but check with the banks about high commission.  In Germany Deutsche Bank don't charge any percentage with exhange from many banks here. So you miss out the usual 2.5 % in change.  But if you're just going for a week I'm sure all this doesn't matter unless you like to live it large or you're a big Scrooge!
  • hmm, but they are still good eggs though right? <br>
  • I usually go to the MoneyShop on Seven Sisters Rd but rainbow_carnage's site is amazing.  I priced up for my next trip and there was a £40 difference between the first and last!
  • <P>Without doubt, go to CEC (Currency Exchange Corporaation). <A href=""></A></P>; <P>There's one in Wood Green, but there are some other branches around london that might be more convinient depending on where you work.</P> <P>31 High Road<BR>Wood Green<BR>N22 6BH</P> <P>Rates are quoted on the website. I've never found better rates - I change cash.  Checked this morning £200 converted into USD and significantly beats the top one on the comparison site. </P>
  • The place in Victoria is commission free and has almost commercial rates. I've never found anywhere better. That said, depending on how much you want to change is a big factor in whether it is actually worth chasing the best rate.<br><br><br>
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