Wanted: Small fridge for nice sister in law

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Hello, My sister in law has just started uni in London, and she is very hard up but people are already stealing her food! Does anyone have a small fridge they no longer want eg a drinks fridge? If so, let me know! Thanks Donna


  • Afraid not, but has she looked at Gumtree & Freecycle?
  • Thanks, yup. No joy...
  • I have one that has been sitting in my office and won't be making the move. PM me.
  • Hi Andy Just wanted to say a belated thank you very much for the fridge, which my sister in law received safely on Tuesday. I hope it wasn't a hassle to give it to the courier. I really appreciate it. She loves it apparently it is the perfect size! Not only do you run this fantastic forum but you are a kind person as well. Thanks again Donna
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    <p>I doubt you can fit a nice sister in law into a small fridge (does this imply you need a larger fridge for a nasty sister in law?)</p><p>Unless you hacked a few of the more resistant limbs off.</p><p>Personally when Miss Annie (on our first date) asked me how I would dispose of her body when I killed her I went down the old and winning route of removing her teeth, fingers, toes and any other marks on her body. Obviously I would have to cut off her head then after draining the blood (you must remember this) to chop her up and put her in about 10 builders sacks (stronger than bin bags) and after a trip to a pig farm hey presto.</p><p>It has occurred to me that you might not want the fridge to dispose of your sister in law's body and if that is the case and you need it for keeping salad cold then please disregard the bulk of this message.</p><p>But if not, I do have a friend with chainsaws...</p>
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    @detritus: oh... a bit of an odd response ...
  • <p>Not really there have been any number of people found dead in a fridge, and only last week a pig farmer in the USA was eaten by his own pigs.</p><p>You never know what someone will do.</p>
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  • I've always favoured the wood chipper and pigs combo.
  • That's a good combo, what about dumping the body in the pond over the park? Chicken wire and bricks should keep it under.
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  • Really? That would be excellent
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