Fixing headphones

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One of my cats has mistaken my headphone wires for a mouse's tail and gnawed through it. Does anyone know where I could get them fixed? The headphones, I mean, not the cats.


  • <p>Hi Mirandola,</p><p>can you tell me the exact make and type of your headphone? I may be able to help (depending on the type and the severity of the damage).</p>
  • If Macgyver is on it, you're sorted.<div><br></div><div>That said, the real Macgyver wouldn't need to know the make and type. He could fix it anyway.</div>
  • @Macgyver, Wow, thank you. They're Denon earbud ones - I'm not sure about the model.
  • <p>@Mirandola:</p><p>sorry for not getting back to you earlier, I've fallen ill. </p><p>Unfortunately I am not able to fix your headphones as the wires in these earbud models are so thin that proper professional equipment is needed to fix them (if that's possible at all); equipment I don't have. Apologies for giving you false hope; sorry.</p><p>@andy :)</p><p> </p>
  • Have you tried Bright Sparks on Seven Sisters Road. They extended some speaker cables for me. Worth a try and good value.
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