Anyone had their phone snatched lately outside Finsbury Park tube?



  • Gastropub of prejudices. That's a great phrase - and far removed from Chang's usual idiolectic bag. His handler is getting rattled...
  • Chetski should take a few lessons in reality from his Uncle Ron. Chang
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    Yes, they are.  And Chris4 and probably many others. Structure is all similar.
  • I'm now sure they are, Misscara. Other evidence: a taste for playing with people's monikers ('Chetski); recurring tropes, eg the smell in Lorne Rd; riffing with incidental names, like that of my late Uncle Ron; a liking for Vitor the hairdresser... yes, I'm convinced. Hats off, gentlemen, we are in the hands of a genius. I wish the puppeteer would come forward and take a bow. If he hasn't already done so, he should write a comic novel - he has more than enough talent to do so. Goodbye, Chang. You are now safely back in your box, after a remarkably prolonged outing, on the boards of
  • None of you are real. You all only exist in my head.<br>
  • I'm a werewolf. Yaroooo And the best writing on race I've come across recently is Ta- Nehisi Coates' blog on the Atlantic Monthly. There's also a lot of stuff about American Football.
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    GETTING BACK ON TRACK...<div>Just seen two lads on a scooter trying to snatch a phone on Eburne Rd. Fortunately they didn't manage to get it. A friend of mine did lose hers on Monday though (through this method) and I get the idea this is rife.</div><div><br></div><div>I'd just say keep your eyes open for couples on scooters. </div><div>And make notes of registration plates too! I'm kicking myself I didn't think to get it this time.</div><div><br></div><div>If they get my Nokia 6300 I'll be livid ;)</div>
  • The solution is to keep your phone in your bag/pocket just for a couple of minutes until you get a little further away from the tube station. Chang and Tollington Tom are obviously the same. ChrisN4, SG Steve, the northern heights are all the same (not Chang) person. Haven't noticed any others.
  • Totally agree.<div>Unfortunately in this instance it was on a residential road nowhere near a tube station :(</div>
  • Or hold the phone to your ear that is not near the road.<br>
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  • Multiple identities to cover its various lies and disinformation, in themselves covers for bigotry.  I actually pity it more than I hold it in contempt, but I don't understand why people keep indulging it.<br>
  • If @Andy has confirmed it is all the same person why not ask him to ban the IP address if it causes you that much bother?
  • If people ignored it, it would go away. It might also learn from its mistakes and not merely go and spam HarringayOnline or some other unsuspecting forum with its ignorant BS. I think that’s better than banning.
  • Back to the subject, when my iPhone was stolen last summer, it was on a residential street by a guy on a bicycle. The advantage for them is that there are more CCTV blackspots in residential areas than main roads, therefore it's much easier for them to get away with it. Also, far fewer witnesses - and there are witnesses aplenty outside the station, etc. And it's not even a case of waving your phone around - a female friend was punched in the face and robbed last year by someone who decided she clearly looked like an iPhone owner, even though her phone was stashed away. Again, residential area. A blocked iPhone is only worth around £50, but given it only takes them a few minutes to steal it then get away....
  • Ladies - my housemate's girlfriend had her phone mugged from her outside of Nandos last night, be extra vigilant & keep it hidden!
  • sorry to hear that Coral - any description? what happened?
  • I was (nearly) mugged some time ago under the bridges on SGR - by two white youths wo had followed me all the way up Blackstock Road. I did everything wrong: I hung on to my bag (which although it might look like a laptop was actually large arty library books) whilst I was wrestling with one the other was patting my pockets looking for a mobile phone (I didn't have one on me as it happens) - I kicked him in the nuts and shouted and swore at the top of my voice and eventually they ran off. (It didn't occur to me till afterwards that they might have been armed). Despite all the racket nobody came to my aid - even though there were people around. I should have reported it to the police but had (still have) so little confidence in them doing anything about anything that I never got round to it.  
  • <P>You are  not alone</P> <P> </P> <P> Figures released by Scotland Yard show that a total of 28,800 iPhones were reported stolen to police in London in six months between April and September this year</P>
  • That said, many people allegedly report their phones stolen in order to have them replaced on their insurance, which often doesn’t cover accidental loss.
  • <i>Figures released by Scotland Yard show that a total of 28,800 iPhones were reported stolen to police in London in six months between April and September this year<br><br></i>Clearly iPhones are a major cause of crime in London.  Ban iPhones in London and all will be well :-)<br><br>There - I've just figured out how to cut crime in an age of reduced policing budgets...<br><br>roy<br>
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    That's mere nibbling at the edges of the problem. To do it properly, you need to bear in mind that all crime is committed by the living...<div><img src=""></div>
  • I don't know, Twilight was pretty criminal and that's vampires.<br>
  • Not to mention Drusilla and (bad) Spike
  • I could pretty much forgive Spike *anything*.<br><br>
  • Even if he crumbled your weetabix into his mug of blood?
  • Even if he did that and then drank it in bed and got crumbs in the sheets.<br>
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