Not Just Beer and Bingo!

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A talk by Ruth Cherrington at Stroud Green and Harringay Library tomorrow (Saturday) 3pm, on the history of working men's clubs. All welcome


  • Shit I missed it. Any chance of a repeat? SG library is not actually in SG. What happened to that nice library opp the Dairy? Chang
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    Sold for a pittance in a rather dodgy deal by the council, and turned into ugly flats. But Stroud Green library is surely in Stroud Green proper (albeit right by its border, the bridge to Haringey). 
  • It was a great talk. We won't repeat it - but Ruth might be interested in giving the talk at another venue if you want to get in touch. You can easily find her online. And she has written a book on the subject. She recommended a trip to the Langham Club in Green Lanes. <div>So you don't miss the next talk - November 24, 3pm, 'Sitting comfortably Ma'am? - The history of the side-saddle and cultural attitudes to women.' Free. All welcome.</div><div>The library opposite the Old Dairy was in Islington, by the way, Stroud Green and Harringay Library is in Haringey and well worth a visit. There's a coffee shop across the bridge so make a day of it!</div>
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