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We seem to have a fox spending a lot of time (if not living in) the gardens between Cornwall and Connaught Roads which is a little disconcerting when our cats are running around out there.<div>Does anyone have any suggestion for things to do to at least keep it out of our garden? Is there anyone at the council I can contact to maybe get it removed?</div><div><br></div><div>Cheers.</div>


  • Pee out there, scent mark your territory and he won't want to come near. Otherwise lion poo is good but difficult to come by unless you are friendly with a wildlife park. There's a thread about foxes somewhere a while back and I'm sure that a fox has an account @Barky Fox?
  • As far as I know foxes rarely kill and eat cats. The best I could find on it is here: but this seems to be a pro-fox site so not entirely unbiased. Kittens are much more at risk obviously. Foxes are nocturnal so if you want to keep your cats safe, keep them in at night.<br>
  • <font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2">Thanks guys. I thought they were nocturnal too, until I saw it this morning, brazen as you like in the middle of my garden in broad daylight! Not the typical urban fox either, it looks quite healthy with a fairly bushy tail. </font>
  • If it's any reassurance, there used to have a family of foxes living in my parents back garden. We were a bit concerned about our geriatric cat and how she would fare with them about, but having seen the swipe she gave one of them, they seemed to know to give her a wide berth.<br>
  • Is it the one that does blood-curdling screams?   I'm on Lancaster Road, and this morning one came over my shed and stood there for ages doing some horrible screams despite my two terriers going crazy trying to break down the kitchen door to get at it.    
  • We live on Cornwall Rd and saw the fox on our back wall together with our neighbour's cat on Saturday and they did not seem toobothered about each other. Have often seen it during the day either walking down Lancaster Rd or hanging around back and front gardens. Very bold.
  • Foxes are nocturnal.  If out in daylight it is because they are hungry, or have hungry cubs.
  • One way to try to discourage them is to ensure there's no easy food source in yours or neighbours gardens. If you feed birds, use hanging feeders or a bird table. Always put bin bags in a dustbin. Never put out bread, cat food or milk for hedgehogs. Etc, etc. Also try to make sure there aren't any cosy spots good for building a den.<br>
  • Sorry to say hungry ones do attack cats. The ginger Tom at end or Lorne Road was mashed on the road by one - maybe the same referred to above. They gavE the school kids something to poke with sticks tho. Chang
  • Wouldn't 'mashed on the road' indicate a car rather than a fox?
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