New Organic Food shop SGR

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Anyone been there?  It opened today.<br><br>I'm a tad sceptical that all the fruit and veg on sale really is organic - there's no way of telling.  Well, extremely sceptical.  Looks nice, though.<br>


  • I went in and it was great. Strawberries and grapes very tasty. I like the look of the shop and the range of products on offer. Shop owners very nice - gave me a free Ella's kitchen pouch for the baby. Really recommend it.
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  • Good location being that near Tony's. <br>
  • The butcher's opposite the Old Dairy
  • <p>I don't care whether fruit and veg is organic really. It's never been proven to be healthier or better for you and I can never taste the difference. I do try to buy things in season though, you really can taste a difference with seasonal things - British apples are great right now and Ash has some lovely Cox's in stock.</p><p>I bought some fantastically tasty mangoes (no idea where/when they are in season sadly) 2 for £1 from the chaps at the station the other day. Anyone else noticed that the produce is better and cheaper from the Monday - Friday awright darlin' geezers than from the weekend team there?</p>
  • The station stall had really taken off since dean took over. Rane and qualitee r gud. The mangos are great - we eat them for breakfast every day in Lorne road. Good roughage too. Chang
  • My sage next door neighbour is of the opinion that Organic Food Shop should have accreditation and a licence from the Soil Association and if it has none, will be closed down within a month.  I tend to agree.<br><br>II do buy organic often, not because it's healthier or tastes any different - but to prevent wildlife from being poisoned and stop agribusiness corporates turning farmland into green desert.<br>
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    @ krappyrubsnif.  I agree!  When I read one of the earlier comments about the shop in Stokey declaring that 40 per cent of its produce is organic I thought unless it's labelled individually as so, what's the point.  You might buy five different products and come away with anything between 0 per cent and 100 per cent organic.  I'm sure it has to be individually labelled.  Anyhow, if it's not assume it isn't. I don't buy organic veg because I'm not convinced of its merits and it's too expensive. I'm happy another fruit and veg shop has opened nearer to me on SGR.  I haven't been in but if it's like Ash's one it can only be a good thing.
  • Stop moaning and let these execellent local bizs have a chance. Anything is better than Tesco. The only thing JOnty says is bad is cosy of flying mangoes etc from Nigeria etc. better for us to eat only English fruit and veg. Chang
  • Looks nice have not been in there yet. I'm really particular about tomatoes and theirs look good. I did wonder about the 'organic' bit too but I guess they know they'd be fined if it's not.
  • Their fresh produce is labelled if it's organic, and priced accordingly!<div><br></div><div>I've bought some veg (not organic) from there over the last few days, it's great.  Very happy to have a greengrocer back at this end of SGR.</div>
  • I'm still about about the Tube station fruit man: "Mango - free to try, free to buy".
  • Those mangos are good value and worth getting a batch of. Nice as surprising gifts - can apparently be used and rubbed on your body to get impurities out and boost well being. Chang
  • The fruit and veg look fine, but there's more choice in Ash's. What is good news at least for me is that they sell all sorts of hard to get things like cashew butter, spelt flour, non sugar added ham, etc...
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