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Anyone use stevia sweeteners?

edited November 2012 in Sharing
I bought several different types of stevia sweeteners when dieting a while ago, but gave up the diet (Dukan. Don't do it). Anyone want my sweeteners (PureVia, Canderel Green, Tate & Lyle Light at Heart)? Will bin them if I must, but would much rather see them go to a good home!


  • I use stevia as I am a diabetic,  and have been using it for years. Candarel however is definitely not is aspartame.....highly poisonous subsatnce...don't know about the other ones however<br>
  • @rosesky, have checked the packaging of the various stevia items I've got. The Tate & Lyle wouldn't be any good for you, as it's a 50/50 mixture of sugar & stevia. Normal Canderel is aspartame, but the Canderel Green I've got here is just stevia, no aspartame, and says it's suitable for diabetics. Similarly the Purevia is just stevia. You're welcome to both if you'd like them!
  • <i>ooh thank you ...that would be great. Shall i pick them up at some point ?<br></i>
  • @rosesky, sure, please do! From your parking post (any response to your appeal yet?), I 'm sure we live fairly close to each other - I'll send you a private message.
  • Hi @rosesky, did you receive my message?
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