Recommendation - Steve's the Tailor, Hornsey Road

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He is next to the pub/mosque combo. Well priced, helpful, good at what he does and (unlike bloody Image by Miss Meneva) gets things done on time as promised. Well worth checking out. He drinks a lot of Fanta usually a good sign in a tailor. Chang.


  • I second the recommendation - had a lot of stuff done here with good results, ranging from having trousers taken up to zips fixed.  There used to be an older gentleman, the "original Steve" who completely fixed and re-lined a jacket for my dad at a good price.  He has now relocated to Cyprus, I have been told...
  • Thirded. He's lovely and very good at his job.
  • yes, whoever is in there now! Stavros (aka Steve) has been in there quite recently - he's been talking about moving back to Cyprus for years - but I've seen him there going past not all that long ago. But maybe he's finally made the move. As a house full of short people we have had any quantity of trousers and jackets shortened over the years, and it's always fast, skilled and amazingly cheap. He was going to pass it on to his Kurdish assistant - maybe that's who's in there now...
  • Kate - that's right, the Kurdish assistant is in there now and runs the business!
  • Hi, where exactly, pls? my old & trusted guy has moved on. thanks
  • It's on Hornsey Road, between Tollingtom Park and Thorpedale Road. Next to the mosque that used to be a pub...
  • Munever at Image is good! I took a skirt to be hemmed to Sew in Crouch End and was told it was physically impossible to do it. So I took it to Image and they did it perfectly.
  • great, cheers... will check them out.
  • Make sure u get a delivery date cos they take years to sort some stuff Abdul's mate used to live with Cassie and drink in the bull has some bad experiences wiv wedding kit. But as unsay there are very good things there 2. Chang
  • just to say big thanks, took a vintage dress to Steve and did a brilliant job, defo will use him again and recommend. thanks again.  
  • Good to hear. He has also taken in my sister in laws entire wardrobe for a reasonable cost (admittedly over a long period). She lost FOUR stones on the F plan diet so all her froks etc were miles too big . we are hoping she does not eat too much at Xmas!! Chang
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