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Need a great holiday helper this season!?!

edited November 2012 in Sharing
Hi<br><br>I am a local resident in the area and have been for 3 yrs and counting. I would love to help those in need this holiday season by helping with errands, light housekeeping, evening babysitting, etc.<br><br>I am currently a pt nanny in the area and have over 8 yrs experience. I also hold a masters in psycholoanalysis as well.<br><br>If interested, please do contact me, thank you<br>kind regards<br>Shanei


  • Thanks a lot Shanei. By 'light housekeeping ' what do you mean? We are going away for the season and would be nice to have a Good person popping in to look after my little dog Rooney. Chang
  • Hi<br>I would love to help you out. Light housekeeping is just keeping things tidy, etc nothing to major.<br><br>If you are interested, please let me know and e can take it from there.<br><br>Thanks<br>S<br>
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