Looking to borrow a bike rack for a car

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Does anyone have a bike rack/cycle carrier that I could borrow on 10th December? <div><br><div>I'm driving to Nottingham to collect 2 bikes which definitely wont fit in my tiny wee car. I'm looking to borrow a rack to bring them back to London on - ideally one that mounts onto the boot. I live in Stroud Green and can pick up/return the rack locally.</div><div><br></div><div>I will happily offer some sort of booze or consumables if anyone could help!</div></div><div><br></div><div>I'd be v grateful</div><div>Alice</div>


  • I don't have a roof rack (and they tend to need to match the car) but if you could get one that fits your car I have cycle carriers that can be pretty easily fitted to a roof rack. Sitting in my attic since we gave up having a car, happy to lend them to you.
  • We have an old hang on the back system that you can have cause we got rid of the bikes,though the kids are still with us. Whisper me your details.
  • Ah, no roof rack I'm afraid, thanks anyway Shaun.<div><br></div><div>taff bach - hang on the back system sounds great. I've sent my details.</div>
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