Fab Holiday Babysitter Avail Mon-Thur and Sat Evenings!!

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Hi<br><br>I am currently a pt nanny in the local nanny and seeking extra work during the holiday season. I am avail mainly during the evenings, but avail tues/thurs afternoons, occasional fri morning if needed.<br><br>I am 28, college educated, and have over 8 yrs experience in childcare.<br><br>If interested, please do contact, thank you<br><br>Kind regards<br>Shanei<br>


  • If you have eight years' experience, can you not ask some of your former employers to recommend you to their friends?<br><br>I don't think many parents would care that you're college-educated. (Your grammar is atrocious.) Do you have a current enhanced CRB check? CPR/first aid training?<br><br>I don't have kids, but many of my friends do. I'd be shocked if any of them hired a nanny based on a self-recommendation on a message board. I wouldn't hire you to look after a dog, much less a child.<br>
  • Lots of people advertise their availability on Mumsnet, Gumtree not their employers Rainbow Carnage.  They the nanny/babysitter/aupair will check the references.  Good on Shanei for trying to find work.<div><br></div><div>Lots of mums look on these sites for nannys and babsitters and I have got someone in fact two people from online sites and interviewed them and their references.<br><div><br></div></div><div>You dont have kids so really you should keep your anger to yourself perhaps on this one.</div>
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    Good on Shanei for cluttering the board with the same damned ad over and over? Her previous post is still on the front page. Desperation is not a great selling point. I wouldn't chose a plumber based on this method of advertising, much less someone who'll look after my child. <br><br>I may not have kids of my own, but I have worked in schools. I know how many hoops you have to jump through before they'll leave you alone with children. No one in their right mind hires you based on a couple of phone numbers you've given them. Hell, even a tutor has to have a CRB check.<br><br>Parents do turn to online forums for personal recommendations from other parents. Nothing wrong with that. It's hard to find a good nanny. Good nannies are in high demand. Shanei is not. And posting the same thing week after week isn't going to change that.<br>
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