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  • Sorry, easily distracted when it comes to attractive gingers.
  • In the same way that any book with science fiction elements which the litfic types like gets reclassified as 'speculative fiction', all gingers I like are not gingers but redheads.
  • Having the same problem with new neighbours who have a guitar and practice that and their singing until late at night. How loud does it have to be? It's an acoustic guitar and while they sound like they are giving it some umph with the singing its not through an amplifier. Unfortunately their lounge is next to my bedroom I think. They seem to practice the same song a lot.
  • Have you spoken to them, N2n4?
  • I would definitely advocate @barnesbq';s approach in this case. Possibly with a Peter Townshend/Jimi Hendrix attack on the guitar.
  • I just wanted to describe the boys as best I could to illustrate my story, using as few words as possible. Using their skin colour wad the easiest way to do that.<br>Maybe in future I could say 'young men with afro hair', or 'young men with a gene pool originating in Africa' or something you bloody idiots don't think is mildly racist.<br>FFS!<br>
  • Not thirded. I think Barnesbq misses the point but - so be it.
  • Funny how no one jumped to Chang's defence when it was pointed out that the colour of a lady's skin wasn't necessary to his mugging story.<br>
  • I remember that. I think it was the word 'coloured' that upset the apple cart. If he'd said black, asian, white I wouldn't have thought it odd.
  • Words have power.  'Coloured' to me means that someone who says it thinks white is the basic colour and people who aren't white are coloured in.  To my grandparents it was just a word  It's quite colonial and backward now. My grandparents were in the backward realm. Nice people though!<div><br></div><div>However, why not describe someone in terms of their skin colour when it comes to a crime scene?  We'd describe someone as short, tall, young, old.  After all it doesn't matter what skin colour you are.  But 'coloured', no!!!</div>
  • Quote from miss annie on Chang's comment: "My point wasn't so much that the word that was used, but the point that anyone would feel it was important to mention someone's skin colour when describing an event like a lady having her phone stolen. Why does it matter?"<br><br>Also I think backward is a bit harsh - less enlightened maybe.<br>
  • @ Idoru.  You have a point.  Backward in their views rather than stupid. 
  • I tend to work long hours, it's usually only when I get to bed that I hear it. Probably going to have to go round at the weekend. Don't think they are intentionally loud, just a young couple by the sound of it
  • Not sure if this will help as the posting is from last Dec, but at the recent ward meeting we were informed the Noise Hotline was being combined with other anti-social hotlines and would be manned 24 hours.  I do not know if it was with immediate effect, but it should at least give you that service at 5am when needed in the future. <div><br></div><div><br></div>
  • I do think that a lot of the time people just don't realise how much they can be heard, so it's always worth having a word first.<br>
  • N2N4<br><br>Has the couple moved out by any chance? My downstairs neighbours who were really noisy moved out just so I can be tortured with guitar and singing all evening. I listen to TV programmes on my laptop with headphones and still hear them. They were up until at least 2.30. Even when not playing an instrument, the deep and loud voices carried through the whole flat. I had to sleep with earplugs again.<br><br>To be honest, I'm exhausted! That's almost 4 years of neighbour terror in two flats and no matter where I go or how much I try to talk to people nicely, I can't find peace anywhere. Why do people have to be so disrespectful? These flat are not built for party people. <br><br>I wish I could find a place where people not listening to their TV so loudly that I can hear it over  my headphones, or have people over till 3am, shouting and laughing, or slam their doors. It seems I can only have peace and quiet when I leave my flat. <br>
  • They are still a bit noisy but not as bad. sounded like they were gearing up for a party last saturday but I went out. My flatmate seems to be getting it worse than me. I keep thinking I will go round but I dont want to sound like a whinging sod when I like to think I am still quite young myself :)
  • Young or not, if it disturbs you, you should say something. But, by the sounds of it, it doesn't seem to disturb you, otherwise you'd not be as calm about it.<br>Maybe I'm overly sensitive now and wrong to expect the same amount of respect I give others. I don't slam doors, practice my keyboard with headphones, maybe have 'loud' music on for an hour max, mostly 30 min, and I try to walk quietly at night, because of the wooden flooring. I just hate to disturb others. <br><br><br>
  • they kept us up till around 4am last night so I have been tired all day today as I was up at 7:30am. Could still hear them despite headphones. I am pretty calm I guess as I will occasionally have friends back till early hours, maybe a few times year, so dont want to throw stones from my occasionally used glass holiday home.
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    Agree with Stella.
  • If it happens every now and again, it's okay. I mean everyone has a right to have a party at their house. But one should inform the neighbours so they have a choice of leaving or not. Keeping you awake till 4am is clearly not all right, because it has affected your life. As you said, you were tired all day.  <br><br>In the place I'm now it's definitely the lack of sound proofing, so one needs to consider that. But there's a difference between normal 'noise' to irritating noises. Common sense says if you can hear your neighbours (coughing, talking, sneezing, shagging), chances are that they can hear you, too.<br>
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