Sound insulation

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Does anyone know how much it would cost to emplyoy someone to install sound insulation to a ceiling, which is about 16 square meters, plus all the materials? Even better if you know someone who can do this. I live in an old converted house and I can hear all the noise coming from upstairs. My landlord won't do anything about it. Many thanks. Maria


  • I don't know the cost, but considered this a few years back. What I discovered is that ideally you want to fit a form of suspended ceiling, to get rid of both airborne noise and impact noise (ie people walking about).<br><br>There are various options, dependent on how much height you can lose. <br><br>The essentials are you remove the existing ceiling, fit sound deadening acoustic wool between the joints and then get resilient bars - a form of small metal hanger than attach to the existing joists and new acoustic plasterboard ceiling that mean it effectively floats below it. You then seal the sides and now have a new ceiling that should soak up most noise.<br><br>This loses you about an inch. There are more complex measures that can lose you more and get even better results.<br><br>Apparently a competent DIYer or a good handyman could do this for you.<br><br><a href="">Here is a bit about it.</a><br><br><br>
  • My landlord won't do anything about it  do you mot need permsioin to do this ?
  • <P>Thanks Papa L, will read the link in a minute.</P> <P>Ali, I have already told my landlord about my intentions and they are happy about it (as long as I pay!)</P>
  • <P>Papa L,</P> <P>From what I've read, I understand that the impact sound is the biggest issue in my flat. I also did the material calculations, it was about £600 in total!</P> <P>I can lose up to six inches from the height. Removing the existing ceiling sounds like hard work. To be honest, I'd like the whole procedure to be as cheap and simple as possible.</P> <P>Any competent DIYers or handymen about?</P> <P> </P> <P> </P> <P> </P> <P> </P>
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