New prints

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Hello,<br>I just wanted to say I've produced a couple more prints of the area. <br>The first is quite similar to my <a href="">last</a>, but I had another view of the same area I wanted to take a crack at that. I'm sure I could draw the same view over and over and it would never quite look right. Anyway…<br><img src=""><br>The second is of a funny building I've always liked on Woodfall Rd, on the way to FP station. Some of you may notice I've invented a lamppost on this one – artistic licence that is! So was the Mini now I think of it<br><img src=""><br><br>Anyway, I've just put them on sale and for this first week I've got them on special offer.<br>Please take a look:<br><br><br><br>Many thanks


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