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I loathe Xmas more every year. Anyone agree with me? Probably not.


  • Can't say I've ever loathed it.  I don't watch much TV and very rarely see or notice adverts so the commercial side washes over me.  I'm non-religious but do appreciate it as a Nordic winter festival of light.  It brightens up the darkest part of the year.  Usually just have a works Christmas dinner,  a few drinks with friends near the day, go to see my family round Christmas day itself.   I keep it simple.<div><br></div><div><br></div>
  • <p>I think this might be the only time I agree with you Checkski, I have always hated Christmas having to be jolly and happy around people I normally just want to ignore. The sooner it is over the better.</p>
  • I love Christmas. I spend time with my friends (who I love) and my family (who I love). There's parties, booze, food, presents and good cheer. What could be better?
  • What could be better? As far as I am concerned, normal daily life, taken in bite-sized quantities. Nothing nicer, AFAIAC. But this may be age-related. I think I liked some of the things Idoru has listed when I was young, I can't really remember. Now, it is vulgarity, excess, sentimentality, hypocrisy incarnate (AFAIAC), and I wish I could move to another planet for the festive season. One where they sell good coffee, natch.
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    What does AFAIAC mean?  As far as I'm concerned.  Took me a few minutes to work it out.
  • I really don't notice Christmas.  I have no decorations.  No one is forcing me to be happy.  But as I said I don't go shopping much or I'm selective about TV.  To be honest I hardly notice it's on.  
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  • Well I <EM> </EM>never. What an unlikely coalition - Miss Cara, Detritus and me. Have we got the beginnings of a campaign here? The Antihumbuggers Association. Shall we call upon Jeremy to table a motion, proposing an onthespot fine of a gold farthing to anyone caught wearing a Santa Claus hat, or bawling out that musical monstrosity We Wish You A You-Know-What? We could picket poor Kreuzkav outside Tesco's, unfurl huge banners, and confiscate his figgy pudding. Dream on, Checkski.
  • Don't worry Checkski, I won't be buying any Christmas products at Tescos or anywhere else.  I have to say I'm lucky I don't have to endure some of the loathsome false Christmas cheer that goes down.  
  • As you might expect I love it. Even though I'm usually thinking about Christmas projects in June! Tinsel, Christmas pudding, Wizard of Oz on tv, Dean Martin on the stereo and a small sherry - delightful.
  • I love Christmas, and especially this year - I've decided to do homemade presents, which means I get to spend my evenings in front of the telly knitting and eating Christmas-related snacks instead of braving the consumerist chasm of hell that is Oxford Street. Not sure my family will be too keen on my inept creations, but it's about the giving, not the receiving isn't it. It's pretty easy to avoid the vulgarity and excess, and there's nothing wrong with sentimentality (and enforced jollity) imo. 
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