Found- dead cat Ashley Rd off Crouch Hill

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Hi all. Very sad to find a dead cat in our front garden this morning. We have tried our obvious neighbours on the other side of the road but not theirs, fortunately for them A collar was not immediately obvious. Pretty sure it is a black cat with ginger tortoishell. think we have seen it in our front garden before but not one of our usual back garden path walkers. please let me know if you think it might be yours or another locals. many thanks, Tordie


  • I have spoken to the Dragon Vet Clinic on Hornsey Rd who have said I can take it to them and it will be disposed of. I also asked if they could check for a microchip which they will do. If I have no response I will do that....
  • so, no luck in finding the owners. I have just taken it to the vets but no microchip.
  • sad. I saw this at a point when I thought for an hour or so my cat might have gone missing, so I read it with a pang! (she did turn up, of course.) I hope the owners manage to track down what happened - and appreciate your care in taking on the responsibility ...<div><br></div>
  • @ confomable_kate, glad for you it was not yours! Know cats can wander so far during the night, so possibly not a real local to me, but it was a regular in the front garden!
  • It was often a regular in Lorne Road (if it was Mazzy?) and made a real mess of the bins so I have to say was not that popular with neighbours. There is a regular waste and smell problem here so we all tend to over react to dumping and general neuisance of animals incl foxes etc. . Still it did not deserve to be Simeond cos of that, but perhaps Ashley Road is harsher with cat disciplin ? Chang
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