• I've used it, but picked up from Holloway Road, so I can get big items in the car.   But it doesn't do to push the system to the limit.   The other day I ordered masses of stuff.   Half of it wasn't there even though I had a text saying it was.   Customer services couldn't track it down for ages.  It involved two trips to Waitrose, where I was drawn into the store to do yet more shopping while I waited for the parcels to be brought up.   Still the electrical mattress warmer was worth the wait. 
  • Oh, OK. Thanks for the quiet words of experience ... I'll wait and see.
  • I picked up from Holloway Road, too.  No major issues for me.<div>One thing that seems to have made things a lot less stressful this year ...</div>
  • The last click and collect from JL.com to collect from a Waitrose before Christmas was last night, as it will be manic food shopping from now. You can still click and collect from a John Lewis if you do it by the cut off on Sunday.
  • T.E. .. not quite right ... I just ordered a new umbrella to collect on Sunday afternoon at Crouch End Waitrose.
  • That's lucky. There was a cut off date for Waitrose stores but it looks like there are a few still available. It doesn't look like Holloway Rd is one can collect from though.
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    I can collect when it is convenient for me ... it puts me in control of my time.
  • And it is free as opposed to spending over £50 for free home delivery and you can collect from 2pm next day if you order before 7pm night before....
  • and you don't end up missing the delivery and having to go and queue at awkward times at the green lanes depot.
  • Though the depot hours have been heavily extended in the run-up to Christmas. Massive queues yesterday, but they were moving very quickly. 
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