LIghts flickering

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The lights have been flickering here (Florence Road) on and off for the last half hour.  Not just me, as I could see the house across the road has flickering lights, too.<br><br>Anyone else?<br>


  • Yup us too, also on Florence road. Lights and all power went out completely and are still out, after a period of flickering lights. Called the London power board and they are looking into it.
  • Still have power here (between Osbourne and Marquis)<br><br>roy<br>
  • Same here (in Osborne Road). Annoying how some houses are ok and others have outage! Power went off at 5.15 for me. There are now two UK Power networks vans on the street, looks like they are about to start digging soon. Blown fuse/underground cable fault
  • I'm guessing they've lost one (or possibly two) of the three phases - so one third (or two thirds) of houses will be affected.<br><br>roy<br>
  • I've lost power now too<br><br>roy<br>
  • Power back on for me now.<div>They said one of three cables stopped working so one of three houses would be without power while they fixed it.</div>
  • Yes, that makes sense, kind of, but a bit puzzling that your power is back and mine isn't.  They're digging just across the road from me now - maybe there's a second fault...<br><br>roy<br>
  • Just back from pub, now all power off on my road (including the street lights), and there's a mini party taking place around a car stereo down the road At one point there were 3 vans of engineers here (and a digger) and now they're all gone!
  • The digger is on Florence Road now (corner of Marquis).  I can hear the party from here!<br><br>I just heard a neighbour chatting to the guys working on it, and they were saying they hoped to have power back on in 30-45 minutes<br><br>roy<br><br>
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