Micycle - new bike shop on Ferme Park Road



  • More to the point, is it pronounced 'my cycle' or 'mice ickle'?
  • Mice ickle is best, reminds me of Bagpuss.
  • <P>Hadron - </P> <P>Hmm I had a problem with a light (2nd time), which kept switching off on its own - id cycled home and realised when I got in Fin Park that the light was off - so pretty dangerous. I cycled to them and they were v annoying - looked at me like i was stupid, kept repeating that 'its working fine now' and suggested twice I had the batteries in the wrong way. I left with the light and contacted the national supplier, who said they shld be the ones to send it back -  Other than getting them to change this useless light, I will not be using again in the future. </P> <P> </P> <P> </P> <P> </P> <P> </P>
  • I dropped in yesterday, they've been open for just over a week. The guys who set it up used to work at MiCycle in Islington.<div><br></div><div>They are primarily focussed on servicing, and they operate a system where if you pay a small annual sub you get to use their workstations to fix your own bike. They have outside space, and are promising bike cleaning facilities in the garden.</div><div><br></div><div>They also mentioned they didn't know 2WG was closing when they were setting up. Apparently he was up for a rent review, and what with Evans open around the corner he decided it just wasn't worth staying.</div>
  • Used them yesterday for a puncture.  Thought they were charming - v helpful - will definitely used them again.
  • <font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2">I have to say I like Hadron Cycles they have always been polite and done a great job of servicing my bike even locating the obscure brake pads for my disc brakes and just charging me the price they bought them in for. </font><div><font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2"><br></font></div><div><font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2">I won't use Finsbury cycle again as twice they have mucked up my old bikes gears making them worse then they were, they may be cheaper and slightly quicker but the quality of work just isn't worth it. </font></div><div><br></div>
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